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Be Heard.

At The Smotherman Law Firm, we simply do things differently. We won't promise you free consultations, or that we will aggressively fight for your rights... because we're supposed to do those things anyway. However, we promise that we'll partner with you as you navigate the legal process of your matter.

We promise not to abandon you because your case isn't strong, or because your issue is "outside of our practice areas". We believe that being a lawyer means you help people, not just the ones with the type of cases we want. It may take more work, it may take more time, but if you can't find a lawyer who's willing to help you, we're here to see that your voice is heard.

We promise to be accessible: Every email you send will be responded to and we will not bill you for the time it takes to speak with you. You will have your attorney's personal cellphone number and every call you make will be returned. If you're hard at work on Monday-Friday, we'll meet with you before work, after work, or even on Saturday. We won't force you to come to us in a building that may not be close to you, tell us where you want to meet and we'll be there with our Mobile Office.

We promise to be open and transparent: you'll know exactly what's going on in your case and we won't charge you by the hour only to shock you when you get a bill at the end of the month. Our prices are fixed and you'll only have to pay us once, no matter how long your legal matter lasts (unless you qualify for a payment plan, offered on a case-by-case basis).

We promise to be honest with you: If you don't have a strong case, we'll set your expectation at the initial consultation. If we don't know the answer we will let you know after we've had time to do our research. We won't pretend we do or take a wild guess when the outcome could change your life.

We promise to appreciate the fact that you're depending on us and handle the privilege of representing you with honor and professionalism.

At The Smotherman Law Firm, we do not represent big corporations, or governments. We sue them. We fight them. We make them listen. Be Heard.

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